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To obtain the ability to further optimize dynamically loaded structures made with rectangular hollow sections, a procedure has been developed to compute exact HSS cross-section properties based on user input criteria.  For example, the actual, or worst case, beam dimensions may be used instead of nominal dimensions. 

Knowing a beam's actual or worst case cross-sectional dimensions, mechanical engineers may now perform stress and fatigue analyses of dynamically loaded, rectangular HSS structures utilizing a more stringent set of section properties, compared with those based on nominal dimensions commonly used by architectural, civil and structural engineers for the design of statically loaded structures .

The procedure also generates additional input information required when using certain advanced options within Algor's Mechanical Event Simulation software.

An article in pdf format (272 KB) describing this procedure may be downloaded.  The procedure is also available in a MathCad format for a small cost, which may be immediately used to compute results based on the user's input.

Rectangular Hollow Structural

Section Properties